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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems  
The right conveying system for every application
ASRS Stacker Crane is a fully automated storage system, ideal for storing pallets and large items.
Designed to work within very narrow aisles and at a height of more than 30 metres, crane racking is an efficient, optimized storage solution.
Guided by a management software system, the crane travels along the aisles of the warehouse, where it enters, positions and extracts the goods. These are best required when increased productivity and elimination of error, require Automated Storage & Retrieval Stacker Cranes.
The range of stacker cranes adapts easily to the needs of each warehouse in terms of load capacity, dimensions, building height and cycle times, and so is able to cover a huge range of applications.
  • Automation of the entry and exit operations of products.
  • Controls and updates the inventory.
  • Eliminates manual management mistakes.
  • These systems can be adapted to special working conditions such as freezing temperatures (-30 °C), extreme humidity or special features including the possibility of increasing standard working speeds.
Comprehensive expertise
During the consulting, planning, and implementation of conveying system for transporting small part carriers within your company, you benefit from our international partner’s competence and expertise gained from a number of high value and complex projects worldwide.
To manage smooth operations of all conveyor systems, our software solutions act as the brain and nerve center. They are easy to implement and are developed, updated and can seamlessly be integrated with any ERP systems by our team of System Integration experts. Our Control software and Management software ensure optimal performance from day one of operation.
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