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The right conveying system for every application

Conveying systems from Chappaly Industries keep your goods flowing and form the foundation for economical processes involving repetitive procedures and consistent transport paths.
We provide you with the complete one-stop solution for transporting containers, cartons or trays, ranging from load carriers to the control and conveying systems. The high compatibility of all components ensures that the entire system functions smoothly, guaranteeing you the most reliable investment.
Our range of components and solutions is as diverse as the intralogistics activities themselves, encompassing transporting and sorting, merging and diverting, buffering and storing. This diverse range of conveyor elements provides you with precisely the right conveying system for every application:
  • Case conveying systems
  • Carton and container conveying systems
  • Auto-guided transport systems
  • Tray conveying systems
Type of products/Articles, throughput and the desired load carrier are the key factors for designing optimum conveying system solutions. These define the parameters for both the dynamic storage systems and the required conveying systems.
Comprehensive expertise
During the consulting, planning, and implementation of conveying system for transporting small part carriers within your company, you benefit from our international partner’s competence and expertise gained from a number of high value and complex projects worldwide.
To manage smooth operations of all conveyor systems, our software solutions act as the brain and nerve center. They are easy to implement and are developed, updated and can seamlessly be integrated with any ERP systems by our team of System Integration experts. Our Control software and Management software ensure optimal performance from day one of operation.
Ready to find your automaton solution? Contact us! Our team of engineers are ready to answer any questions and assist you in achieving your goals.

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