Vertical Conveyors

If your logistics transport of goods takes place via several levels, the use of vertical product lifts or pallet lifts is a very efficient option, and easy to integrate, also in existing conveyor belts. Our partner Qimarox, Netherlands, is a leading manufacturer of vertical conveyor lifts, pallet lifts, pallet dispensers and palletizers and as your reliable System Integrator, we undertake projects integrating our lifts with other existing or new conveyor systems.

The vertical conveyor lift effortlessly, quickly and very energy-efficiently transports various products such as boxes, crates, trays or bagged goods to and from any desired level. The product is always transported upright, which prevents product deformation.

The pallet lift is very easy to integrate into your transport system and can optionally be equipped with a roller conveyor or chain conveyor. Thanks to the design with extremely reliable components, the machine requires little maintenance.

The advantages of vertical conveyors and lifts:

  • Modular design, for quick and easy installation and modification.
  • Multifunctional, so they are versatile and can combine different tasks.
  • Durable, so they require little maintenance and have a high degree of operational availability.
  • Their components are highly standardised, making them quick and easy to manufacture and low in price.

Wherever possible, they use the same types of components, and which are generically available, so the costs for service and maintenance remain limited

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