Sliding Shoe Sorter

The right conveying system for every application
Sliding Shoe sorters provide a very soft, positive divert with varying rates to accommodate slower and faster throughput. Shoe sorters can be used in applications where there is a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and weights, including those found in e-commerce, warehousing, and parcel industries. Shoe sorters comprise a bed of aluminum slats with shoes attached. These types of solutions boast high throughputs with accurate movement and gentle handling of product, that are fragile or easily damaged and requires smooth and gentle movement from the sorter to the takeaway lane.
Comprehensive expertise
During the consulting, planning, and implementation of conveying system for transporting small part carriers within your company, you benefit from our international partner’s competence and expertise gained from a number of high value and complex projects worldwide.
To manage smooth operations of all conveyor systems, our software solutions act as the brain and nerve center. They are easy to implement and are developed, updated and can seamlessly be integrated with any ERP systems by our team of System Integration experts. Our Control software and Management software ensure optimal performance from day one of operation.
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