Shuttle Systems

The right conveying system for every application
Pallet Shuttle is an automated storage and retrieval system. It eliminates the need for forklift trucks to enter the channels, increasing the efficiency, performance and safety of a deep channel storage solution.
The Orbiter docking station and the Orbiter shuttle vehicle form a single unit that can be moved throughout the warehouse. The docking Station is equipped with a centering bracket allowing automatic alignment and positioning of the pallet.

The forklift picks up the docking station with the shuttle vehicle and inserts the unit Into the centering console of the desired rack location. The forklifts then pick up pallets and position them onto the channel rails.

Benefits :

  • Highly efficient, dynamic pallet storage in a channel storage system.
  • Individual, scalable and modular warehouse layouts.
  • High level of space utilization minimized operating costs.
  • Maximum energy efficiency.
  • Access to all storage bins even during maintenance works.


Comprehensive expertise
During the consulting, planning, and implementation of conveying system for transporting small part carriers within your company, you benefit from our international partner’s competence and expertise gained from a number of high value and complex projects worldwide.
To manage smooth operations of all conveyor systems, our software solutions act as the brain and nerve center. They are easy to implement and are developed, updated and can seamlessly be integrated with any ERP systems by our team of System Integration experts. Our Control software and Management software ensure optimal performance from day one of operation.
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