Rack Safety Inspection & Maintenance

Attention to safety begins with the integrity of the design and system set-up, but its sustainability can be only be guaranteed through regular inspections and repairs. Warehouse inspection and maintenance is a critical step to ensure the consistent functionality of your operation and safety of your assets and employees. 

Chappaly Industries, leader in Turnkey Intralogistics solution has partnered with world’s leading manufacturer, SSI SCHAEFER, Germany and is providing customers with modern and reliable warehouse storage systems, including Dynamic and Static Racking Systems, such as Mobile Racking, Heavy Duty Selective Racking, VNA Racking, Drive-In Racking, Cantilever Racking, Bolt-free Shelving etc., and automated systems such as AS/RS Racking, “Logimat” Vertical Carousel etc.

Operations in a Warehouse are dynamic in nature, evolve over period of time and therefore require enhancement of storage systems, safety procedures, barriers etc., within the Warehouse. The safety enhancements will improve the efficiency in your everyday warehouse operation, comply with European Standards (EN 15635) and achieve greater results. Chappaly Industries encourages its customers to engage in an Annual Maintenance Contract and work with our Safety Engineers to maintain and improve the existing storage systems.


  • Racking systems inspections
  • Racks maintenance and repair services 
  • Racks safety training program
  • Safety signage (Loading and warning signs)
  • Safety Barriers (Patented Polymer based products from ASafe, UK)

At Chappaly Industries, we offer Industry mandated Inspections conducted by a SEMA approved Racking Inspector (SARI) and as per SEMA guidelines.

Inspections can:

  • Promote workplace safety
  • Compliance with Regulatory authority
  • Minimize the risk of collapse and damage to people or goods
  • Extend the life span of facilities
  • Lower maintenance cost by discovering risks early
  • Offer a speedy repair service

Our engineers walk through your facility and meticulously inspect your racking systems for conformity by collecting on-site information, taking photos and recording any deficiencies, damages or missing components. Our pallet rack inspection services are non-disruptive to your daily operations. Following this visit, we'll issue a detailed report with recommendations.

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