Spare Parts & Accessories

A genuine item ensures safety

Only genuine spare parts bring with them the expertise of the manufacturer.

Chappaly Industries' procurement department has direct access into Jungheinrich’s portal “Parts Online” guaranteeing genuine spare parts, at the click of a mouse.

We maintain all fast moving and critical spare parts for Jungheinrich as well as Non-Jungheinrich Brands. Through our AI Based Software, Fiix, we are able to receive customer complaint directly from Client and thereby reducing the reaction time drastically.

Using genuine spare parts is the only way to maintain optimum interaction between all components, ensuring maximum reliability and preserving value. Using foreign parts can lead to serious accidents and expensive breakdowns.

Jungheinrich provides you with worldwide spare parts availability of 98%.

Your fork lift truck has broken down and you need the spare parts right away? Our Service Team shall check the availability and schedule the Maintenance Team to fix the Lift Truck and make it operational. We have a huge inventory of spare parts available and have priorty delivery services from Jungheinrich, for emergency procurement of spare parts, if needed.

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