Dock Shelters

We supply dock shelters which can be fully designed to your specific requirements. Our Curtain and Cushion Dock Shelters are manufactured with the best quality materials to guarantee a long lifespan. The durable curtain dock shelter and its aluminum frame provide an aesthetic product.

Our aesthetically attractive Curtain with Special foam core Dock shelter is extremely durable. Instead of a hinged frame, this dock shelter is built with a frame made of cushions with a special foam core and an automatically lifting roof section. This protects your building against any damages caused by a vehicle colliding with your loading bay.

The Iinflatable Dock Shelter makes use of two robust durable inflatable cushions to create the seal between the dock and the vehicle. There are two versions - a built-in model and a front projection model. The cushions are made of polyester trevira fabric with a dull PVC coating on both sides. On both sides a wear-resistant durable, antistatic PVC coating is applied.  Both versions are finished with an anodized aluminum frame. The dock shelter is resistant to all weather conditions and supplied with galvanized protection consoles.

All our Dock Shelters offer a solution for specific situations. Each dock shelter has its own characteristics and is developed for a specific market branch. With our experience in these markets and by using the highest quality materials, we can offer you a program of durable, trustworthy and aesthetically attractive dock shelters.

Benefits :

  • Durable, long lifespan
  • Aesthetic design
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Protect goods

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