EFX 410/413


Man-down Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (VNA) offer efficient space utilization in your warehouse. Our VNA trucks (high rack stackers) possess impressive performance feathers and maximum safety.
Our EFX 410-413 tri-lateral stackers are our specialists for combined use in narrow aisles, wide aisles and the apron area. The versatile and innovative EFX 410-413 has modular truck concept with front seat arrangement and side-mounted mast-provides optimum visibility of forks, load and travel route.
Product Detail
  • Load Capacity          : 1000 to 1250 Kg
  • Lift Height               : 3000 to 7000 mm
  • Travel speed            :  unladen 9 Km/h
  • Lift speed                : unladen 0.41m/s
  • Battery Voltage        : 48 V
  • Battery Capacity      : 625 Ah
Reasons to Rent a Forklift
Renting a Material Handling Equipment is a good idea for many operations and in many different kinds of situations. There are actually several reason why even the most experienced MHE operations might want to rent.
  • You suddenly have an increased demand on very short notice. It’s great when business is booming! When you have an unexpectedly great quarter or land that new client, you might need Lift Trucks on short notice and without long lead time to procure, manufacture, ship and commissioning.
  • You have an anticipated peak season. You might have a spike in demand during a certain period that requires more Lift Trucks, but can’t justify a new purchase or lease in the budget while out of peak season. You also may want to minimize surplus and idle-time during off-seasons.
  • You need to conserve capital. When you rent, there are no expensive upfront acquisition costs in the form of interest-bearing loans.
  • When you have a forklift out of service for repairs. Downtime is a reality of forklift operation. Renting a forklift can help you reel in the slack.
Make things easier: Use our all-inclusive package.
Chappaly Industries rentals provide the following benefits.
  • Competitive rates
  • Delivery anywhere in India
  • Simple Rental Agreement
Renting a Warehouse Lift Truck with Chappaly Industries is easy. The length of time you hire from is up to you and we can get you the truck you need, fast. Our friendly team are standing by to answer any questions you have regarding your materials handling requirements.

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