High Speed Doors

With a high-speed door, you are able to divide spaces into separate areas, without slowing down your logistic operation. Our High-Speed Doors are provided with a special construction which guarantees superior sealing around the entire opening. Because of this sealing, the doors are highly wind resistant (up to class 4) and can therefore also be used as exterior doors.

The door automatically opens at a high speed, a barrier is created without being an obstacle.

Types of high-speed doors:

Flexibel inside high-speed doors:
  • PowerDoor 640
  • PowerDoor 640 FOOD
  • Power Door 640 CLEAN
Flexible outside high-speed doors:
  • PowerDoor 640
  • PowerDoor 650
  • Cooling– and freezing high-speed doors:
  • PowerDoor Freez1
  • PowerDoor Freez2
  • Spiraldoor
  • Power Door

Advantages :

  • Flexible and soft material
  • Opens, closes and stops by means of detection
  • Safe for humans and products
  • Door leaf thickness between 1.3 and 30 mm.
  • Also suitable as an exterior door

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