Industrial Doors

If you are searching for the right industrial door for your loading bay building, for example, an emergency door, a fire door, or a door to compartmentalize your internal environment, Stack Group & Loading Systems can offer you the right solution. Efficiency, use-ability and cost reductions are all achievable by fitting the right door in the right place!

We along with our Partners, design, install and maintain the most efficient solutions for your logistics operation, therefore industrial doors are not only necessary but essential.

Industrial doors for every building

No two situations are the same and every operation is different. That is why our Industrial doors are completely adapted to suit your needs. With a unique product configuration, we take care of the right design for your building.

  • Completely modular
  • Suitable for any building or process
  • Of superior quality
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Energy saving

 Choosing the right industrial door

Overhead doors, high speed doors, fire doors and industrial curtains – Loading Systems has a suitable industrial door for any situation and location. Our advisors will help you with choosing the right door and options. 

 Sectional overhead doors

With an overhead door from Loading Systems you can take full advantage of the area in front and behind the door. When the door opens, the panels follows as close as possible to the walls and roof, resulting in space saving.

  • Safe for humans and products
  • Does not take up valuable space in your loading bay or warehouse
  • Energy saving thanks to an insulated barrier to the outdoor environment

 Full vision Doors

A full vision overhead door allows natural day light to filter into the building making artificial lighting inside less of a need. 


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