Mobile (Manual) Shelving System

The Mobile Shelving (Manual) System has been designed with objective to make optimal use of space. By increasing the ease of moving of structures, perfect access to the spaces arising is achieved, creating new opportunities in the form of highly accessible spaces.

Applying the "mobile" concept in this product provides the capacity to create spaces where needed with the simple movement of one or more bases. An access aisle is the only requirement needed to convert this system into a "mobile" system, which results in the potential to almost double the storage capacity space with respect to "static" storage systems.

The Mobile Shelving System perfectly adapts to the layout of any premises, integrating design columns, ventilation systems, etc.

Our Mobile Shelving offers the possibility of being equipped with a system that locks the aisle after each move to prevent unwanted movement of the bases during use. Protecting the contents of the bases is guaranteed by the possibility of locking the filing system with a key lock on the crank lever and installing a back-enclosure panel (single base) or sliding doors (double bass) to the last base.

The insulation against moisture and dust content is guaranteed by strategically placed rubber and metal profiles. The smoothness in the base mobility guarantees the minimum effort in their movement thanks to intelligent transmission systems capable of moving weights of up to 40,000 kg. This smooth movement is reflected in the crank lever ergonomic design, specially shaped to facilitate the application of force in the best possible way.

Benefits :

  • Manual hand crank, no Electricity required.
  • Make optimal use of space.
  • Double the storage capacity space with respect to "static" storage systems.
  • Multiple solutions available for various Product storage.


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