Hand Pallet Trucks

SG 30


Hand pallet truck (3000 kg)

Brand: Stack Group

Product Detail:
Lift Height (standard mast): 120 mm
Load Capacity: 3000 kg.


Basic Characteristics:
  • 3000 kg capacity
  • Reinforced chassis
  • Unique controls
  • Compact and maneuverable
  • Fast lift as standard (up to 120 kg)
  • Robust and reliable
Advantages in overview:
  • Effortless transport of heavy loads
  • Easy to handle
  • Designs for every application
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Advantages in detail
  • Effortless transport of heavy loads
Stack Group Brand Hand Pallet Trucks  are ideal solution for all manual transport duties over short distances. Its exceptionally high capacity of 3000 kg allows it to operate in a wide range of applications. Easy to operate controls – equally comfortable for left and right-handed operators. Maneuvering with one hand on the tiller arm is both comfortable and safe. The chromed wheel and joint bushings allow for easy pulling or pushing. They feature remarkably quiet running and maintenance-free operation.

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